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Welcome to's Stock Market Game. provides a live stock game using real stock quotes. Learn how to trade online and invest in the stock market without risking your hard-earned money. Test your new investment strategy before trying it out for real. Track the return of multiple online accounts in one place.

Stock Game

Best of all,'s fantasy stock market game is absolutely free. You will receive $1 million of virtual money to invest as you see fit. Each hour rankings are calculated based upon the percentage increase or decrease of each user's portfolio from the start of the month. You can applaud the top 25 and poke fun at the bottom 25.


Create a group for you and all of your friends to compete against each other. Your group members will rank according to their portfolio returns on their initial million of stock game money. You can restrict membership to your group by selecting a password, or you can leave it open for anybody to join.

Free Stock Market Simulation Exchange Game


Register your class and school without cost.
There is no limit to the number of students or classes that you can sign up. We offer a great way for your students to learn about the stock market without any risk or initial capital requirements. Our stock groups are a great way to keep track of students' performance relative to their classmates.

Our Newly Improved Stock Charts Section.

You can build and tweak
an unlimited number of animated charts. You can even "zoom in" on a time period that you want to see up close while comparing multiple tickers in the same dynamic chart.
Stock Market Game Charts

Group Leaders.

1. Sign up for an account.
2. Login to your account.
3. Create a group with an optional password.
4. Invite others (students) to create their own accounts and join your group and distribute group name and password if applicable.
5. View group members' rankings, portfolios, and trading history. Join up to 100 groups. A password may be required for some groups. Identify ticker symbols of stocks to trade by reviewing sample portfolios or by using the ticker lookup function.

Finance Professors and Economics Teachers: Get Students to Learn How the Market Works

Online paper trading is a fun, free, and interactive teaching tool. Any course attempting an introduction to investment finance will be incomplete without an interactive stock market game that the group can play, with the teacher as the group manager. Don’t just lecture on personal finance. Get students to play the stock market as a fun experience rather than a boring lecture on a complex topic that makes them yawn as much as a lecture on foreign exchange or global currency trends. A paper trade game experience improves finance lesson plans of economics teachers, businesses professors, personal finance teachers, and social studies teachers.

Students have been seeking alpha and learning how the market works with us since 1998. You’ll find that the smart way to learn the market is also the quick and simple way to teach students how the market works in any investing 101 course, personal finance class, investment club, economics class, or business course.

Our stock market simulation game allows your students to learn the basics of global investment markets without risk. How do the pros invest? What are the basics of portfolio management? How do I learn more about the science of portfolio construction? How do I measure my portfolio performance? How can I start seeking alpha (performance above the index) for my portfolio? How can I mingle with and learn from and even spy on the trades of some of the best stock market traders? Innovative finance courses teach students to interact with markets with their peers, to seek alpha above the index.

Students answer these investment questions for themselves as they open a free fantasy stock market account and get $1 million in fantasy money. They learn to trade by trading real stocks. They learn the market by playing the market as a virtual stock exchange paper trading game, which turns your lecture into an interactive, competitive, prize-driven, engaging gaming experience. Giving your students an investment practice tool for learning to invest in stocks will stimulate their interest in your future finance lesson plans. has been the largest and best interactive virtual stock market exchange game in the United States since 1998. Our massive size (nearly a million registered users), our group manager controls, chat features, social reach, and our unique process to create and “graduate” wall street survivors remains unmatched. Our world class social media features have even earned us the nickname “facebook for finance nerds.” Many sites have attempted to imitate such an interactive mock trading game competition. However, our social stock market simulator continues to stand out as the most fun, easy, and smart way to get students excited to learn the basics about the stock market and investing.

Our Premium Membership (coming soon) will give you access to real-time stock quotes, plus the ability to spy on winning portfolios, trade on margin, and much more! Thanks for letting us host your group paper trading experience for your finance class, investment club, or fantasy stock market gaming group!

Get Your $1 Million Virtual Cash Now

Build your portfolio with $1 million dollars and trade stocks using your virtual money. You can also get involved in our community to socialize by discussing investment strategies with others traders.

Virtual paper trading is another way to describe our stock market game for students who are learning how to invest.

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Free Stock Market Game!

Also known as a fantasy stock market simulation, it replaces the old paper trade method where students actually had to get a newspaper to look up stock quotes, but didn’t have access to dynamic stock charts.